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Tackling the Nursing Shortage: Innovative Solutions for Today's Challenges

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The nursing shortage crisis in the United States has persisted for decades, with projections indicating it will escalate to 1.13 million by 2024. This critical shortage is exacerbated by an aging population and the simultaneous retirement of many healthcare workers. Addressing this pressing issue requires exploring various solutions, including international recruitment.

Recognizing the urgency of this talent gap, JV Global was founded. We collaborate with other staffing solutions to support hospitals and healthcare organizations facing the challenge of meeting the increasing demand for patient care.

JV Global Nurses is a vital link between healthcare Institutions across Texas and the United States, facilitating the seamless integration of skilled nursing professionals to elevate patient care standards. While we do not directly engage in nurse recruitment, our core competency lies in meticulously matching qualified nursing experts with these institutions to optimize patient outcomes. Expanding our reach, we have established international offices, including a presence in the Philippines, to tap a rich pool of talented nurses for our partner facilities.

We are your Dependable Ally for Nursing Staffing

As a premier staffing agency, JV Global Nurses specializes in connecting you with top-tier local and Filipino nursing talents. Our Streamlined hiring process ensures swift access to the caliber of professionals you require, precisely when you need them. We provide tailored permanent staffing solutions for healthcare organizations, utilizing the High Commitment Search Model to meticulously scout for domestic and international candidates, ensuring a perfect fit for your team.

Our placements encompass candidates sourced from local and international channels, spanning a wide spectrum of specialties including Critical Care, Operating Room, Emergency Room, Medical-Surgical, Telemetry, Labor and Delivery, and various other specialties.


At JV Global Nurses, we are your dependable ally for nursing staffing, backed by over 100 years of combined medical experience.


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