Talent Acquisition

Does your Hospital or Health care facility in need of RN Professionals?

JV Global Nurses can handle the staffing requirements of healthcare facilities of all sizes and specialties. Whether you require a few nurses for your long-term care facility or hundreds of medical professionals to fill positions across your nationwide network of hospitals, we can assist you.

We are a nursing recruitment agency in Houston, Texas, and an affiliate office in the Philippines.

Put an End to High Turnover in Your Healthcare Facility

Do you frequently have vacant positions at your medical facility? Have you been forced to spend more on Temporary employees? The problem isn’t a lack of or inadequate recruitment methods; instead, there are more open positions than competent candidates.

It might be time to look outside the country for talented people. We at JV Global will assist you in finding English-speaking medical staff from the Philippines who will work in direct hire, long-term placement roles at your hospital.

We thoroughly screen individuals and check their qualifications and licensure so that they are ready to start working immediately when new hires come.

Credentialing and Recruitment

We offer highly qualified, accredited nursing staff. Each applicant is evaluated and qualified with skill inventories and validated competency tests.

Customized Programs and Cost-Effective Solutions

Finding the highest caliber employees is difficult in the current healthcare market. Our specialized hiring and onboarding process helps shorten the time it takes to bring people into your business.

When you work with JV Global Nurses, our value-based solutions can help you cut costs on contract employees. We can create a program that delivers you the greatest return on your investment, whether you operate a small rural institution or a Teaching Level 1 Trauma Center.

Direct Hiring

JV Global Nurses specializes in direct hiring and permanent placement recruitment. This model consistently provides the fastest and most significant return possible on your recruitment dollars, often returning the entire investment within six months or less.

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